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Awakened Women Teach the Dharma

Coyote Tracks
Awakened Women Teach the Dharma
Dear Friends,
In celebration of International Women’s Day, we offer you teachings by Deer Park nuns and women practitioners, including writing by Sister D on her visit to meet Thay at the root temple in Vietnam (look out for her new book, Flowers in the Dark), Laura Hunter on service and freedom through spiritual friendship with the nuns and monks of Deer Park, and Sister Clear Dignity on the miracle of the waterfall.
Deer Park starts its Spring Season with the new moon today. Join us for a Day of Mindfulness, including a talk by Sister Bamboo (Truc Nghiem) at 10:15am, Pacific.
Have you expressed gratitude for a woman in your life yet today? You may like to stop, come back to your breathing, and recite to her the mantra: “Darling, I know you are there, and I am so happy.”
With peace and love,
The Monks and Nuns of Deer Park Monastery

Meeting Thầy’s Life Force
Flowers in the Dark
Day of Mindfulness
Spiritual Friendship
The Brook
Practicing with Unpleasant Emotions
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