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Making the Great Vow

Coyote Tracks
Making the Great Vow
As the Blue Moon rises over Deer Park we mindfully prepare the ground to be the main host of this year’s Đại Giới Đàn, or International Great Precepts Transmission Ceremony: the solemn moment when a novice makes the great vow to take on the full precepts of a bhikshu or bhikshuni. Learn more about the path of a novice in A Portrait of Novice Life in Solidity Hamlet.
In an interview with the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation, Deer Park Monastery’s Brother Freedom (Brother Ngo Khong) shared his hopes and aspirations for the upcoming Happiness is the Way: Road Retreat.
We love and appreciate when you can visit Deer Park Monastery in person. If you are nearby, please join us for a Day of Mindfulness on August 29th or September 5th. For a longer stay, we have begun opening up registration for the annual Rains Retreat. Right now you can register with the intention to remain for the full 90-days. Coming soon we will open for weekend, one week, or multi-week stays.
Enjoy as well this Dharma talk from the recent Summer Retreat where Sister Kinh Nghiem explores establishing and sustaining our connection.
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Ongoing Tour
Aspirations for the Road Tour of Western Sanghas
Day of Mindfulness
Deer Park Monastery is offering in-person Days of Mindfulness on Sunday, August 29th and Sunday, September 5th. Advance registration is required.
August 29: Dharma Talk
September 5: Dharma Talk and Ceremony to Recite the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings
Establishing and Sustaining our Connection
Monastery Life and the Rains Retreat
A Portrait of Novice Life in Solidity
90-Day Rains Retreat
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