Coyote Tracks

By the Monastics of Deer Park Monastery

Non-Self, Mushrooms & a Poem





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Coyote Tracks
Non-Self, Mushrooms & a Poem
Dear Friends,
May this time of the New Moon find you rested, happy and safe. Spring has continued to work its way through the valley, with mushrooms popping up in the shade. To celebrate the blue sky sky of spring we offer you a poem from one of our novices, Brother Minh An. We also practice gratitude for the many bodhisattvas who stepped in to help us protect Deer Park Ridge from development years ago; Ron Forster shares the story.
Patrick from Florida asks how to share about non-self with his family; Dharma teachers Sister Dang Nghiem and Karen Hilsberg both respond to him on how to see ourselves as free from a separate self.
Today and next Sunday we enjoy Dharma talks: one on letting go by Brother Ngo Khong on Sunday April 11th, and one on the Discourse on Love by Sister Dac Nghiem.
In an excerpt from February of 2004, Thay shares with us about his definition of heaven: it is a place where there is suffering—that is why, through our practice of compassion and understanding, happiness is possible.
In this time of renewal, enjoy the contact your feet make with the earth in every step you take. Freedom is here and now.
With love and gratitude,
The Nuns and Monks of Deer Park Monastery

What does non-self mean?
The Art of Letting Go
Saving Deer Park Ridge
The Discourse on Love
View from the Teahouse
Thay's Definition of Heaven
Mushrooms Pushing Up
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