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Spring Brings Flowers and Memories of Thay

Coyote Tracks
Spring Brings Flowers and Memories of Thay
Springtime is quite spectacular at Deer Park Monastery as we move between winter and summer seasons. Soon, summer will arrive with its hot weather, and in the meantime we have spring flowers everywhere. Walking along the trails, we look and see colors of such variety and smell of the fragrance of the black sage is unbelievable. Each step we can be mindful of what grows around us.
On Sunday, May 1st, we will honor our Teacher on the 100th day since his passing. Thay is very present in us and we will bring our full attention to him with a dharma talk by the Venerable Thich Phuoc Tinh, a ceremony, and returning his ashes to Mother Earth. These events will all be available online. As we remember Thay, you may want to read his prose poem, The Little Buffalo in Pursuit of the Sun. Thay remembers his novice years at Phuong Bai monastery, his teacher, and the beauty of the plants and flowers.
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Thay’s Ashes and 100 Day Ceremony / Chương Trình Buổi Lễ 100 Ngày của Sư Ông
The Little Buffalo in Pursuit of the Sun
Black Sage (Salvia mellifera)
Black Sage (Salvia mellifera)
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