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The Music of Mindful Breathing

Coyote Tracks
The Music of Mindful Breathing
Tonight the Pink Moon—a supermoon—rises over us, bathing the hidden valley in silver after the cooling rains of this morning gave way to sunlight. Tomorrow the monks and nuns begin a five-day monastic retreat, nourishing our siblinghood with talks, meditation, and mindful games together.
We welcome young people aged 18-35 to join us for the Wake Up Earth Retreat online, hosted by Deer Park Monastery, from May 26–30, with the topic: “Our Journey of Resilience, Compassion and Healing.” Scholarships are available. Consider inviting a young person in your life to attend. Maybe you could offer it to them as a gift?
Within the last year, Brother Peace lost his parents, tragically, to suicide. He composed and performs the song It Won’t Always Be This Way for them, and for all who suffer from depression.
In a clip from Deer Park in 2004, Thay reveals to us the secret of how to listen to the music of our breathing when difficult emotions arise to accept and embrace them as wholly part of us—as a manifestation in concert with our breathing.
Deborah Westcott writes about the many ways in which she loves Deer Park: “Deer Park is my lighthouse in a storm.”
Finally, enjoy a video of Brother Freedom and Brother Peace cooking red cabbage and vegetarian duck last year in Solidity Hamlet.
Let the warm air of spring entice you out into nature, where your mindful steps can bring you back to see Mother Earth in every cell of your body.
With love and gratitude,
The Monks and Nuns of Deer Park Monastery

The Music of Mindful Breathing
Wake Up Earth Retreat, May 26–30
It Won't Always Be This Way
Let Me Count the Ways
Deer Park's Mindful Chefs
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